Northern Ireland’s FIRST Social Enterprise Estate Agency – putting people at the heart of business

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Issued By:  Housing Matters NI

Embargoed until 6 February 2023

Housing Matters NI, a new and unique organisation is Northern Ireland’s FIRST Social Enterprise Estate Agency.

Historically, Estate Agents have received bad press in terms of lack of trust and being motivated solely by profit. However, Housing Matters NI are on a mission to dispel this negative myth and they are ready to support and guide people through the process of selling or letting their property.

The Property Ombudsman and The Estate Agents Act of 1979 ensures an honest and fair service for both buyers and sellers of property and compels agents to act in the clients’ best interests at all times.

With a team of professional, experienced staff they offer a transparent and friendly service which puts people at the heart of the business.

Sean Bruen, Housing Matters NI Director, explains;

“With over 20 years experience as a Mortgage Advisor, working with several estate agencies within Northern Ireland, I recognise that trust can be an issue for people who want to buy, sell or let a property.  The vision for this new venture is to help build trust between seller and buyer as well as lordlord and tenant by offering an independent and trustworthy service.

The market in Northern Ireland is quiet at the moment due to the Cost of Living crisis, so we aim to help give advice to potential buyers in all the various options on how to buy a home including Co-ownership etc, with no deposit required.

 We are also offering this service to local Companies so that their employees can access a special discounted rate if the Employer registers with us.   This will be a new and unique employee benefit, providing access to Estate Agency services and programmes to educate them in the process of buying, selling, renting or letting a home.

As a Community Interest Company with a social conscience, we aim to keep costs affordable for all and any profits will be re-invested and used for social purpose within Northern Ireland.”

Housing Matters NI hopes to make the task of selling, letting or renting property a stress free experience.  They will support and advise customers throughout this journey and will always be available to address any concerns.

They offer an affordable fixed fee service which includes a comprehensive marketing package to promote the property.

If you are an established Landlord or considering letting your home for the first time, Housing Matters NI provides a Home Lettings Service which offers Landlordsa professional fixed fee, let-only option for those who choose to look after the management themselves.

They will find the right tenant for you especially as evidence shows that tenants who feel more secure with their landlord relationship will stay in properties longer and are  more likely to look after the home.  It’s a win win situation!

Housing Matters NI also offers a unique Tenant Wellbeing Service

Tenants sometimes leave properties they rent due to Mental Health problems or financial worries. This service can help them to stay in the property, minimise anxiety and covers areas such as: Good Mental Health, Financial Advice, Budgeting, Debt Management and interested tenants are supported through an individual assessment of their wellbeing needs to match them with the relevant service.

If you have a property that you would like to sell or let, the team at Housing Matters NI would love to hear from you.

Visit the website for more details at:

T:  028 90877771